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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to travel to India is between October through March when weather is mainly sunny, dry, and warm.

India offers many family-oriented activities including visits to forts and palaces, tiger and leopard safaris, beaches, and museums. We can create a custom itinerary based on your family’s interests.

It is strongly advised not to drink tap water in India. It’s best to stick to filtered water.

Internet access is good in most major areas of India. Wi-Fi is available at most restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, and malls. However, poor internet service does exist in remote areas and villages in India.

India has many festivals and events, but two of the biggest celebrations are Diwali and Holi. Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights celebrated annually for five days in either October or November. Holi is the Hindu Festival of Colours, celebrated annually in March after the full moon.

Your safety is our utmost priority and so it is essential that you take out adequate travel insurance to cover your trip.

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