About Kerala

  • Location: Southwest coast of India
  • Geography: Varied landscapes featuring serene backwaters, lush tea plantations in the Western Ghats, and abundant wildlife
  • Climate: Tropical with monsoons; pleasant temperatures ranging from 20°C to 33°C (68°F to 91°F)
  • Colonial History: Influenced by Dutch and British colonization, shaping its architecture, culture, and trade
  • Architectural Charm: A blend of ancient temples, colonial-era churches, and traditional wooden homes amidst verdant landscapes
  • Cultural Diversity: Rich traditions like Kathakali dance, vibrant festivals, and a harmonious coexistence of various religious communities
  • Cuisine: Renowned for aromatic spices, coconut-infused dishes, and a diverse culinary palette that celebrates regional specialties like Kerala Sadhya and Malabar biryani.


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34.8 Million





Indian Rupee


38,863 km2






Oct - Mar

Popular Travel Places

Goa, a coastal jewel on India’s west coast, enchants with its vibrant mix of sandy beaches, rich history, and lively cultural tapestry.

Alleppey (Alappuzha)

The Venice of the East

Renowned for its intricate network of backwaters, Alleppey offers serene houseboat cruises amidst lush landscapes. The Alleppey backwaters are a captivating reflection of Kerala’s natural beauty, with floating villages and vibrant birdlife, making it a tranquil retreat.

Kochi (Cochin)

Historical Harbor City

Kochi, a melting pot of cultures, features a historic harbor, ancient Chinese fishing nets, and colonial architecture. The Mattancherry Palace, Fort Kochi, and vibrant spice markets add to the city’s charm, providing a rich blend of history, art, and diverse culinary experiences.


Wildlife and Spice Plantations

Surrounded by dense forests, Thekkady is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary offer opportunities for spotting elephants, tigers, and diverse bird species. The region is also renowned for spice plantations, providing an aromatic journey through Kerala’s spice trade history.


Lush Tea Gardens and Misty Hills

Nestled in the Western Ghats, Munnar is a picturesque hill station adorned with sprawling tea estates, misty valleys, and charming colonial architecture. The cool climate and breathtaking landscapes make it an ideal haven for nature lovers and tea enthusiasts.


Verdant Landscapes and Tribal Heritage

Wayanad, blessed with lush greenery and rolling hills, offers a serene escape into nature. Explore ancient Edakkal Caves, trek through dense forests to reach the spectacular Soochipara Waterfalls, and discover the rich tribal culture that adds a unique dimension to the region.


Coastal Beauty and Ayurvedic Retreats

Kovalam, with its crescent-shaped beaches, lighthouses, and Ayurvedic wellness centers, is a coastal gem. The pristine shores, water activities, and rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments make it a sought-after destination for relaxation and holistic well-being.

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