Adventure Tours

Rafting / Hiking / Trekking / Boating

Go on thrilling adventures in India, where outdoor activities like boating, hiking, trekking, and rafting reveal an amazing tapestry of natural wonders.

Food Tours

Street Foods / Cooking / Food Testing

Indulge your palate with India's culinary adventures, taking in colourful street cuisine, hands-on cooking classes, and aromatic food tasting excursions.

Cultural Tours

City Tour / Walking Tour / Scooter Tour

Discover the vibrant pulse of urban life by taking thrilling scooter adventures, immersive walking explorations, and dynamic city tours through the heart of India's cities.

Custom Tours

Train Journey / Road Trip / Desert Safari

Experience a variety of adventures in India to discover the nation's stunning scenery and rich cultural heritage, from thrilling road trips and scenic train rides to enchanted desert safaris.

Special Tours

Fairs & Festival Tours

With Fairs & Festival Tours, you can fully immerse yourself in the rainbow of India's colourful traditions, which are celebrated through exuberant celebrations and vibrant customs.

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